Kata Seminar - Saturday 4th March. 

Counties Shotokan Karate Tournament - Held at the Pukekohe, Indian Community Hall 55 Ward Street on Saturday the 1st of April. 8:30am Registration for all competitors.

Next Kyu Grading - To be confirmed

International Tournaments:
We have been invited to travel to Hawaii to compete in a tournament there. More details to come!

2017 is promising to be another busy year!

Self Defence
There are a few Self Defence Seminars in the works. One of which will be open to Students Brown to Black Belt. The other will be held for Students 12 Years and under of any ranking. These will be to very different Seminars. The Date and cost for both of these are yet to be confirmend.
World Karate Organization Tournament, Canada:

We were invited by the President of the WKO (World Karate Organization) to attend and compete in a world championship tournament being held in Toronto, Canada in November 2016. The team consisted of 29 competitors traning in all Dojos, ranging from 9 years of age to over 50. The team participated in a several training camps before competing. Many medals were won by competitors. A very successful tournament all round for Counties Shotokan Karate club.